Cold & Wet

Even though he’s cold, wet and miserable, the slave in the stocks has no choice but to humbly kiss the outstretched, wet, wellington boot-toe of the twenty-something, redhaired, dirty-stopout mistress in the middle of the night, and thus show her some respect for taking the female time to visit him:





Her green, wellington boots and yellow, thigh-high socks tower above the slave as he kisses the lowest point of her wet, rubber boot:



And how sweet that her panties above him match her umbrella! (Not that the unworthy slave can see them; he can only look downwards – at her boot-toes):



Not that the unworthy slave can see them; he is compelled to only look downwards from his wooden window – down at the moist, green-rubbery boot-toe which he is obliged to respectfully lip:



Yes – this beautiful, bright-haired, young woman is truly a night-time goddess in the rain, who enjoys humiliating the slave in the stocks, and having him at her mercy!

And rightly so – for she is his infinite better!


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