Office Bootboy


Aren’t they lovely?

This is the view I get every day of my beautiful, redheaded office-deskmistress’s boots and socks as she works above me at her computer.

Don’t worry, I will zoom out later so that you can see how extraordinarily beautiful she is (even though, by law, I am obliged to look only at the backs of her boots and socks!)

But first – a side view of my deskmistress’s wonderful, office boots and socks:


See how the office sunlight reflects upon her boot – as I myself must constantly do! I must study the leather creases in her boot, and admire the rows of stitching highlighted in her sock. I am not permitted to look at her smooth, bare, working leg above the sock!

And now, a closer, frontal view of the same glorious, female boot and sock:


This is a privileged view that I myself rarely get to see (since I must constantly kneel behind my office deskmistress’s boots and socks), so, if you don’t mind, I’ll just savour it for a few moments too!

Let’s study the laces. See how they criss-cross the front of my beautiful mistress’s boot – rather like the whipmarks on my back! And her sock is well above our head – as the superior sock of a beautiful, young woman should be!

Just imagine how creased, and sweaty, that dark sock must be deep within the clammy and moist confines of her fully-laced-up boot!


And the other one – in your face! It’s almost as if she’s extending her left foot forward for you to respectfully kiss her on the shiny, office boot-toe!


And now a close-up of her sock. Nose the stitches, office bootboy (i.e. respectfully trace your slave-nose down the vertical tracks of the stitching in her dark sock) for it is the sock of your female better!


There you are! I told you my office-deskmistress was beautiful!

Now get your face back down where it belongs – at her boot-level! For you are her lowly, office bootboy for the day!


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