Mistress Mei-Ling

Mistress Mei Ling is preening herself – as well she might, for she is a very beautiful, young woman:


You, of course, being a footslave, may only admire her beauty from below, for you are not worthy to raise your slave-head to her, esteemed level:


In particular, you are obliged, by law, to focus on her flat pumps, and stockings (below her ankle level):


Note how demurely her feet are tucked around each other – the feet of an oriental goddess!

Lick those scuff marks off her white pumps – or it will be the sting of an oriental whip for you!

Now admire her feet from behind – and, in particular, her shapely, stockinged, heel tendons:


Trace your nose along the patterns in the fancy stitching of her white nylons, before focussing on the flat heel of her pretty, white shoe:


Note the area of stocking on the strappy side of her shoe – and respectfully sniff it:


Then focus on the glimpses of her lower leg-skin through the patterned stitching of her white stockings. Do NOT look up her skirt!


Impertinent slave of a beautiful Chinese girl!


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